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Recruiting all classes except warrior.

Contact Yeebo or Chiero in game.
Cask is a new 10 man raiding guild.  The purpose of Cask is to become an elite group of players that can confidently count on each other to know their class and play it at an impeccable level.  Our goal is to conquer all pve content Blizzard adds to the game.  Our raid schedule is Mon to Wed, 7 to 11 mountain time.  

The guild leaders are Yeebo and Chiero who are RL friends.  We have been playing MMO's since 2001.  Our gaming experience includes EQ, WOW, and DAOC.  In all games we've played we have been successful raiders / pvpers.  In EQ we raided everything through Plane of Time and some of GoD.  We ran an elite gank squad in daoc.  We have been officers in server leading guilds in Vanilla WoW, ran our own guild in BC, and are King Slayers in WoTLK.  There is not much that we haven't seen when it comes to raiding and have experienced a wide variety of guilds.  Through our experience we have come to understand what it takes to run a good guild and quality raids.  

If you would like to be a part of Cask, please contact Yeebo or Chiero.
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Cask is Recruiting
By Cask00, Dec 27, 10 6:51 PM

We are recruiting all classes except for warrior for 10 man raiding.  PST Yeebo or Chiero in game.  We want to start raiding as soon as possible.

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